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Trio Macchiato

Trio Macchiato has become a national as well as an international synonym for music full of verve, energy and poetry from and about the Mediterranean Sea.
In 2006, two years after the first performances together in Northern Germany, they went on a concert tour in the Mediterranean which led to the idea of a program based on the music known from the coffeehouses in this area. The debut album "Café Mediterraneo" has been released on Herzog Records in 2007 and instantly been nominated for the Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik (German Critics Award). Since 2010 the second album „Orient Express" follows the musical footsteps of the famous Orient Express from Paris to Istanbul.

Trio Macchiato with their international Line-up has a constantly growing fan base and meanwhile performs on national and international stages. Among others they played in Sweden, the Czech Republic as well as renowned international festivals like Rheingau Musik Festival, MDR Musiksommer and Festival Mitte Europa. The band is focused on a cultural and stylistic mixture while making particular and versatile music. Listeners get a collage of musical traditions together with popular influences ranging from Spain to the Black Sea. The three musicians present themselves as excellent and versatile instrumentalists, always leading their audience through the concerts in a charming way.







Jana Mishenina
(violin, vocals)
Born in Russia, Jana Mishenina draws from the wells of jazz as well as eastern European and Afro-Cuban music. She received her training at the Moscow conservatory and in Amsterdam, later she contributed her virtuoso bow stroke to the performances of the Philharmonie der Nationen and Concerto Grosso in Frankfurt. With her own ensemble she has explored universes of sound between Georgia, Slavic countries, Latin and Modern Jazz.


Jakob Neubauer
(accordion, bandoneon)
He is the second Russian soul of the trio, originally coming from St. Petersburg, where he won the Great Russian Accordion Contest three decades ago. Jakob Neubauer was part of Jana Misheninas band, and now he is in charge of all bantling instruments from accordion to bandoneon. Via guest performances on stages in London, Paris, and Berlin, his path led him to his new home Hamburg – successfully: the Staatsoper and the Schauspielhaus are only two of his illustrious fields of activity.


Henry Altmann
(bass, percussion, euphonium)
Bassist Henry Altmann as the third member, adds a cosmopolitan German impulse to the band. He is a citizen of the world with his family's roots in the rural German region of Allgäu, he spent years studying and living in New York and Paris, and composing for film, theatres in Germany and Italy, as well as the North German State Radio Bigband. As a musical partner his panoply includes everything from George Gruntz to Herman & Tietjen. 

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